LE KELLER - Message de l'entreprise

Here are some tips and guidelines that it's usefull to read before coming to the Club. 
  • We ask everyone to always maintain the premises in a state of cleanliness. Under each sling / bench there is a tray on the ground, don't forget to set it in the right position before starting to play If you have any problems for cleaning, ask for help at the bar.

  • Toilets are not playgrounds. Please clean after your passage and report any problem.

  • You do not have to accept to play with a guy. Conversely, you can not force someone to play with you. Your refusal will be better accepted that you respect each other, no need to be rude.

  • If you're trying to join a game, do not insist if you are refused.

  • Although the Club must be a friendly place, avoid to talk loud and long discussions while others play. You do not give others the desire for playing and you disturb those who are in place.

  • If you are using a device without playing, you have to give your place to those who want to play.

  • Leave valuables in the cloakroom.

  • Make breaks regularly.

  • LEKELLER promotes safe sex and health. It puts at your disposal all the means necessary for that: hot water, antiseptic soap, paper, condoms, gloves, gel sanitizer. You are free to choose safe sex or bareback but only if your partner agrees with your choice.